Jul 23, 2013


The above Celtic knot is offered up in answer to Judy West's Celtic Knot Challenge #31.  I'm not submitting this piece because it does not comply with the parameters of the challenge in that each and every section had to contain a different tangle pattern.  I just couldn't bring myself to put 36 patterns in this one piece, I have no courage.  So I used a wee 6 tangle patterns and some color and this is what I got.
The piece measures 8 x 8 inches, was drawn on X-Press It card stock for alcohol pens and I used my Copic markers for the color application.  Then things sort of went sideways when I decided to use a graphite pencil to shade the intersections of the tangles instead of just sticking with my Copics.  Don't know what I was thinking but lesson learned.
I still had fun with this technique, I'd never tried a Celtic knot combined with tangle patterns and it's the first time I've combined my Copics with tangling.  All in all I'm glad I tried it.
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