Dec 11, 2011

Alcohol - Pens That Is! Really?

Take a few very creative women, add great surroundings, lots of paper crafting supplies and tools, a generous supply of Copic and Marvy alcohol pens, shake and serve for a weekend of fun and productivity!
That's what happened this weekend at Scrapbook Connection's event house in Warrenton, Oregon.

We focused on the Marvy and Copic lines of alcohol pens and the voluminous information offered to produce some really fantastic focal images for paper crafting projects.  After getting a little practice under everyone's belt, we moved on to combining Elizabeth Crafts Designs and Glitter Ritz products using alcohol pen techniques for detailing.  The result was extremely gratifying and oh by the way. . . we had a great time!

Becky and Terry showing off their first practice image.

Paula deciding a real cup of hot chocolate might be next!

Jeannette Hayward, owner of  Scrapbook Connection

Here are a few works in progress:

We started at 10 a.m. Saturday, held class, had a great dinner in the well equipped kitchen, worked and played until 2 a.m., then fell, pleasantly tired into comfy beds all ready and waiting for us.  I should say, I was in bed by by 2, I heard this morning at breakfast that the fun went on until 4a.m.!  When people start creating with no distractions and great people to talk to and share with, it's difficult to stop!

With breakfast over it was back to the work tables, and me?  I headed home to attack the laundry and take a nap!

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Until next time, enjoy life.

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