Sep 6, 2013


Meet Phillis!
My son-in-law requested a sign for the front of his Russian tortoise's new home located in the "tortoise habitat" of their yard.  Phillis, spelled with two i's, because Phillis has two ;-), is a very lucky girl.  You can't believe the splendor!

That said, the request was made for natural colors so I started with a latte colored, handmade pastel paper.  It presented some challenges because of the softness and texture but in the end I enjoyed working with it.  I used mostly an 05 Micron pen for the tangle patterns and an 08 for all of the outlining. This is by far the largest  piece I've completed using tangle patterns; the outlining and letters alone took seven hours.The piece finished up at 16 inches square or there about and I finished the edges with a deckle edge pair of scissors.  Phillis (the picture) is at Staples as this is being posted, waiting for lamination.  I thought about all kinds of different all-weather coatings and finally ended up with lamination.  The finished piece will be adhered to plywood, sealed and hung on the new house. 

I had an enormous amount of fun working on this and it's spawned a whirlwind of nature images in my head.  I best go feed the beasties!

Thanks for stopping by!

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