Jun 10, 2012

Great Classes from Els of Elizabeth Craft Designs!

Our group of happy participants!

Last Thursday at Scrapbook Connection in Warrenton, Oregon brought us the unusual and much anticipated pleasure of two fantastic classes with Els Van de Burgt of Elizabeth Craft Designs.  We don't often have the opportunity to have world class designers visit our coastal community and this was a real treat.

Two classes at two hours each were jam packed with technique and product and we were like sponges, taking in everything as quickly as possible.  It was an afternoon and evening well spent.  I think the last sentence is a huge understatement!

Maggie, the product rep with Els

Els demonstrating to the class.

Hard at work.

Janet breezed through and seemed to be having a great time, yes Janet?

Helen "Tootsie" Bagley Rund of Paper Bagley gets new ideas from the classes.  This lady takes the basics and goes off in creative directions most of us are envious of!

  My personal thanks to Els for coming to our "remote outpost" on the Oregon Coast, we appreciate your effort more than you know.  You are welcome back anytime!

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