Aug 19, 2014


 Mixed Media
21 x 15"
Strathmore Smooth Bristol Board

This is a piece I recently completed with the hopes of gaining more experience with colored pencils.  This is a new medium for me even though I purchased Faber-Castell Polychromos some time ago and added Caran d'Ache Luminance pencils for this project, I have completed only one other piece and used a very limited palette.  I really wanted to practice layering and shading and include other mediums in the mix.

Because this was more about color application and I didn't want to think about design, I dowloaded one of Ben Kwok's wonderful templates from the Facebook Ornation Creation group page and enlarged it at a local print shop.  The image itself measures 15 x 11".  I found out this was quite a bit of real estate to cover, this took about 45 hours to complete!
 Detail of center.

Detail of Golden Interference Orange Fluid Acrylic Paint
The interference paint in some areas really made things pop.  From one angle the paint appears orange and from the opposite angle it appears teal.  The little ovals all around the edge and the swirl in the center were painted with Golden Iridescent Copper Light. This photo also shows the need for mastering the waxy bloom of layering colored pencils.  Even with the use of Gamsol between some of the layers, my heavier dark color application at the end produced bloom.  Gotta work on that!

Speaking of layers,the following shots show the progression of color application which began with a light wash of Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Light watercolor and then worked up from there with the Caran d'Ache Luminence colored pencils.

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  1. Trisha, this is absolutely stunning! I am amazed at your process of layering. 45 hours? Holy moly! Thanks for showing pictures of the process, as it is fascinating to see your colors develop. I LOVE your colors choices. Yet another fabulous design from such a talented artist. This piece is wonderful!

  2. Yup, 45! The biggest contributing factor was the large size, 11 x 15" on the image itself and around 9 layers of color in the orange areas alone. Colored pencils are killers on the hands!

  3. And Cindy? Thanks so much for your positive comments and your continued support. It is so important for all of us to hear.

  4. this is absolutely gorgeous!
    thank you for explaining how you went about this. I really enjoyed seeing all the stages you took to accomplish this. 45 hours is a good chunk of meditative time!

  5. Tammie Lee- Thank you so much for your comments and feedback! It's wonderful to know people are taking the time to read the details, those are what I look for when I read a blog!
    Cheers! Trisha


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